Multiplatform and customizable virtual visit

NEARBUY GROUP has developed the world’s leading interactive wayfinding technology. Our unique solution offers the only customizable virtual visit and virtual tour interface on the market that seamlessly integrates with Nearbuy’s state of the art web and mobile web technology. At the touch of a button visitors can access mapping, promotions and events through a single platform.

Digital map at your fingertips

The solution is developed to run on digital Kiosks, mobile apps and website. Visitors will be able to navigate through the maps and visualize the path to a specific section.

User can download on its device the map through QR code scanning without using a mobile application.

Branded holograms, a high-impact activation

Holograms, interactive walls and other bespoke high-impact installations can boost the level of engagement of your malls and revamp areas with lesser footfall.
Holograms can be fully customized, according to brands identity, best-sellers, promotions and other marketing drivers.

Bring your online intelligence into the place

NEARBUY GROUP is a pioneering company integrating robotic AI into brick and mortar to guide and engage visitors.
Retail service robots bring the intelligence of big-data knowledge of consumers to provide useful and smart customer service in-store.

Multichannel and multiplatform

NEARBUY GROUP has developed a unique and disruptive signage technology allowing multiple channels and data points to communicate and interact with visitor screens, touchscreens and the mobile web. The sophistication of our proprietary AI multi-channel management system allows for the simultaneous maximization of advertiser display time and targeting, retailer visibility and visitor experience.

Bridge the gap between digital and physical world

NEARBUY GROUP provides interactive games and applications to engage visitors and offer a richer experience. We integrate Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, digital interactive projection and much more.

NEARBUY Analytics
All your digital data in one place

NEARBUY GROUP offers marketing analytics’ products allowing you to better understand your visitors.
Our data management platform aggregates the data generated through our unique digital ecosystem. It then deploys proprietary artificial intelligence to harvest valuable and actionable insights for consumers, retailers and advertisers.
NEARBUY GROUP Analytics is designed specifically to improve your engagement across all your channels.

NEARBUY Advertising Programmatic
Smart advertising on all your digital channels

NEARBUY GROUP’S unique interactive multi-channel system offers the ideal platform for evolved and smarter programmatic advertising. The unparalleled insights our system harvests from a comprehensive data ecosystem including signage, web, mobile, wifi and wayfinding enables the maximization of targeted advertising content.
NEARBUY GROUP’s Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive technology that creates unrivalled opportunities to optimize campaigns across multiple channels and locations while simultaneously embedding market nuances like real-time bidding and seasonality even visitor demographic trends.
NEARBUY GROUP offers intelligent and sophisticated platform for programmatic OOH advertising available anywhere.

Multiplatform content management
Most digital solutions on the market offer only a fraction of the full omni-channel experience. This is because the Content Management Systems used work independently. Put simply, their channels do not communicate with each other.
NEARBUY GROUP offers a unique and unrivalled interconnected platform that enables:
  • Multi channel content synchronization (Web, Mobile, wayfinding, robotic, etc)
  • Multi language platforms
  • Cloud based solutions