NEARBUY GROUP in Wereldhave Belgium shopping centres

NEARBUY GROUP is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded by Wereldhave Belgium to implement and deploy 15 tailored indoor kiosks fully equipped with their Smart Directories solutions in 5 of Wereldhave Belgium shopping centres.

Designed to match the architecture of the venue, the Smart Directories will provide the best  innovative experience for the visitors/shoppers. The solution is developed to run on digital Kiosks, mobile apps and website. Visitors will be able to navigate through the maps and visualize the path to a specific section. The wayfinder content will be integrated with NEARBUY GROUP CMS to provide straight forward updates for new stores or services.

Wereldhave Belgium is a listed investment company and focuses mainly on shopping centres for new investments. The retail portfolio of Wereldhave Belgium contains shopping centres in Liège, Nivelles, Tournai, Genk and a compound city-centre project in Ghent. The development portfolio consists of refurbishments and extensions to shopping centres in Tournai and Waterloo.

The first NEARBUY GROUP project is going to be deployed in Les Bastions shopping centre in Tournai.  The inauguration is set to be on April 12th 2018.

We wish Wereldhave Belgium the best of luck for the inauguration.

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